how to make beef meatballs

Make meatballs is not as easy as boiling instant noodles live in right in waiting to watch tv is done, but how to make meatballs of beef, fish, sinew etc so that it becomes rounded bulb meatballs need a process that is very complicated. ..

the first ... in making the meatballs we had to find the meat used to be a quality we here learn to make beef Meatballs (beef bulb) because if we could make his beef fore bulb we'll also could make the meatballs to another site on the ...

There are two ways to make beef meatballs first, way way super fast we just cook it, how to make meatballs the second rather difficult because we will be preparing his own.
Beef Meatball

just the way the first: go to market and buy beef is up as much as how you want the meat, then take it to a milling meatballs, minced meat meatballs builders there would make the region the meat with the marinade that you have prepared in place that, suppose we want a lot of her onion, the maker will meet our demand to taste minced meat and you then will we buy mixed spice is provided After finishing the meatballs, we were already half finished, we go home stay full circle circle with our hands, we just cook it, and if we ask marinade the gravy Meatball grinders, Mason also will tell us.

How to make Meatball beef both >

On how to make beef meatballs the second we should have making in the process of preparation, prepare:

ingredients: (valid and multiply)

1 kg minced beef and all.

6 cloves of garlic

1 oz cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon pepper powder

1 tablespoon salt

flavor enhancer according to taste (can be in sample)

How to make beef meatballs

-Mashed/blender garlic until soft

-Mix all ingredients above seasoned meat and garlic, just mix all and stir until blended and chewy

-Stir the Mixture for a little over 11 minutes

-Next the dough so the rounded shape of the rounded one wear hand and spoon also can, it's up to you to created the City box, star shape can also be (let cool and different from the meat).

-Boiled bulb immature meatballs it/circle the immature meatballs into boiling water 15 minutes depending on the size of the meatballs that are made, and the meat was so the meatballs float and are ready to eat the Meatball when it's floating in the water decoction

-If you want to quickly feel the results immediately and serve with tomato sauce in the prepared sauce etc.

Already gone wrong in making the meatballs but meatballs without the gravy was not complete, and here's how to make meat gravy:

Ingredients ingredients to make marinade beef Meatball

1. cow Bone

2. Water

Beef Meatball Seasoning Spice (gravy)
> Garlic 5 Seeds are fried onions, and puree
> Onion 4 medium onions, fried Beans and puree
> Fried onions 1/2 tablespoon, puree (widely available on the market)
> granulated sugar 2 teaspoons
> salt, one tablespoon
> Pepper half teaspoon
> Leek 4 stalks, cut and take the white part, finely sliced luss of ...
> instans beef broth, 2 teaspoons

How to make beef Meatball Soup

Boil water with bones and mix all seasoning spice to her bones were especially until it is cooked.
If it is mature enough, the gravy was so ready and in consumption with meatballs last

How to Make Special Fried Rice Delicious

To make special fried rice which was delicious then it takes special fried rice recipe is just right. Now this is an awful lot of special fried rice recipe that is easy to find. Things you should know is to make delicious fried rice requires the right ingredients. You can't arbitrarily inserting material that will be used to make fried rice. So you're not curious then below will explain the special fried rice recipes and how to make it.
How To Make A Tasty Special Fried Rice

The ingredients you need to make is special fried rice: white rice, shrimp, chicken breast, red peppers, sweet soy sauce, tomato sauce, butter. In addition to such materials you also need other materials that will be used as a condiment, seasoning, however, must be crushed. Seasonings to mashed, among others: onion, garlic, salt, sugar, shrimp paste. Make sure if all the seasoning paste has texture that is really smooth. That is because if the seasoning is not smooth then the sense that will be generated will not be too good.

The first step in cooking special fried rice recipe is to heat the wok over medium flame. After a hot pan so you can incorporate the butter as a substitute for cooking oil. Make sure the butter is hot before you put a subtle seasoning. If the subtle spice aromas issuing hearty already then you can include other ingredients such as rice, chicken, shrimp and other seasonings. Once you see the chicken and shrimp cooked already then you can add soy sauce and tomato sauce. Mix all ingredients in a pan until completely cooked.

If special fried rice has been cooked then you can serve these fried rice while still warm. Fried rice is delicious eaten warm if in the circumstances. If the fried rice was cold then it will make people lazy to eat the fried rice. in order for the fried rice you more delicious then you might add crackers on top of the fried rice. If you notice special fried rice recipe above certainly you can already make a tasty special fried rice at home.
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